HP G2 Server Rack - 40"(D), 32"(W)

Please note, the HP AF041A is discontinued. The replacement is BW917A. For other upgrade options, contact your Server Racks Online sales representative at 1-866-722-5776.

The HP 10000 G2 Series 10842 is a 42U, 40" deep server cabinet.  The 10842 G2 has a wider width of 31.5", however; it still features the EIA standard 19" wide rackmount. The HP server racks are designed for easy access to devices mounted in the racks, as well as supporting heavy dynamic loads and allowing for increased airflow to pass from the front to the back of the rack.

Shipped with: front door, rear door

Hewlett-Packard AF041A

Hewlett Packard

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Rack Units42U
Dimensions78.7"H x 31.5"W x 39.691"D

HP 10000 G2 Series Features:

  • Updated industrial design with top to bottom bright‑aluminum strip
  • Multi-angle door design, fully perforated front, and rear doors provide efficient, convection cooling, and improved ventilation. The doors have been tested to be 65 percent open for proper ventilation and cooling of servers
  • Patented 7x2 roll frame unique in the industry; the steel of the frame is folded seven times rather than just being cut thicker, enabling the rack to hold a net weight of 2,000 pounds of static and dynamic loading
  • Deeper 1 m form-factor enhances the use of space within your rack and easily accommodates the increasing depth of next-generation servers and storage products
  • Zero U space on the sides of the rack supporting the mounting of PDUs and switchboxes
  • Truly CTO capable with shock pallet and crating options with easy unload ramps
  • Tool-less three piece side panels for easier handling
  • Clear U markings on all four mounting rails
  • Split rear doors to facilitate easy servicing of servers and minimizing rear aisle space interference
  • Lock and key for front doors, rear doors and side panels provide a high level of security
  • Heavy duty casters designed to withstand 2,000 pounds of dynamic capacity while maintaining a low center of gravity

HP 10842 Specifications:

Height 78.7 in. (1999 mm.)
Width 31.5 in. (800.1 mm.)
Depth 39.691 in. (1008.2 mm.)
Weight 295 lbs. (133.8 kg.)
Static 2000 lbs. (908 kg.)
Dynamic 2000 lbs. (908 kg.)
Doors Graphite Metallic
Frame Carbon