HP Intelligent Series Server Rack - 44"(D), 32"(W)

Please note, the Hewlett-Packard BW917A has been discontinued. For other product options, contact your Server Racks Online sales representative at 1-866-722-5776.

Do you need better intelligence on your datacenter's power and cooling, and server location and identity? The HP Intelligent Series 842 Rack, with optional Location Discovery Services sends the rack identification number and precise U location to the servers. This provides important location information to iLO, HP OneView and Insight Control Software along with server power and temperature data, allowing you to place workloads more efficiently.

HP BW917A - Click to enlarge

Dimensions79"H x 31.41"W x 44.3"D

HP 842 Features:

  • Front door with updated design to provide maximum airflow.
  • Front and rear door handles and lock bars for improved security
  • Side panels (sold separately) come in 3 parts for easier manageability and mounting
  • Cable management accessories and cable management bracket

HP Intelligent Series Rack enclosures with optional HP Location Discovery Services allow you to fine-tune workload placement with servers that self-identify and inventory themselves, allowing you to efficiently place workloads while removing manual, error prone asset management tasks.

HP Thermal Discovery Services technology correlates server temperature and workload to reduce server fan power needed to cool servers efficiently, and an innovative 81% open perforation area on the door helps better cool servers.

HP Power Discovery Services technology removes power configuration errors and precisely tracks power usage by rack and by server, therefore getting rid of manual record keeping.

Structural Integrity
Up to 3000 pounds of dynamic loading enables HP Intelligent Series racks to ship and be moved fully configured with all types of equipment.

Unmatched cable management in the back of the rack provides tool-less operations and extra space for hot air to pass from the rack.

HP 842 Specifications:

Height 79 in. (1999 mm.)
Width 31.3 in. (798 mm.)
Depth44.3 in. (1125 mm.)
Weight304 lbs. (138 kg.)
Static3000 lbs. (1360 kg.)
Dynamic2500 lbs. (1134 kg.)
DoorsBlack with silver extrusion