APC InRow SC 200-240V 60HZ (ACSC100)

The APC InRow SC ACSC100 is a 200-240V 60HZ rapidly deployable, self-contained row-based cooling solutions for server rooms and wiring closets. 

Includes: Exhaust duct kit, Installation guide, Operations and maintenance manual

Standard Lead Time: Usually ships within 2 weeks

APC ACSC100 Features:

  • Active response controls- Monitors and actively adjusts cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures. Through the microprocessor controller, visibility into the operation and health of the unit is provided.
  • Easy to install- Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.
  • Fault-tolerant fan system- In the event of a fan failure, the remaining fan(s) will continue to operate.
  • Horizontal airflow pattern- Removes heat close to the source of generation in the hot aisle and distributes cold air to the front of the racks in the cold aisle.
  • Scalable Architecture- Cascade multiple KVM switches for a modular solution that supports multiple platforms, improving flexibility and simplifying future expansion. Please see the user's manual for specific cascading capabilities.
  • Dry contact output- Provides remote notification of failures when used with APC environmental monitoring unit or system.
  • Field replaceable components - Fans and electronics module can be readily replaced without uninstalling the unit.

APC ACSC100 Energy Use/Efficiency Diagram
APC ACSC100 Energy Use/Efficiency Diagram
Curve fit to measured loss data inclusive of condenser power. Loss is expressed as a percentage of full rated capacity. All measurements taken in cooling only operating mode with nominal electrical input. Supply air temperature set point: 64 F (18 C). Return air temperatures: 85 F (29 C) dry bulb; 65 F (18 C) wet bulb. Condenser ambient air temperature: 80 F (27 C). Operation below 45% of rated capacity is not recommended.

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Price: $10,300.00
NOW: $8,126.44
Save: $2,173.56
Dimensions78.40"H x 11.80"W x 42.10"D
APC ACSC100 Specifications:

Height 78.40 in. (1991 mm.)
Width 11.80 in. (300 mm.)
Depth 42.10 in. (1069 mm.)
Weight 365.00 lbs. (165.92 kg.)
Color Black
Storage Temperature 32 - 104 F (0 - 40 C)
Storage Relative Humidity 0%
Storage Elevation 0-15000 feet (0-4500 meters)
Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit 80.00 dBA
Cooling Capacity Options 5.30 kW
Cooling Options Air
Compressor Type Rotary
Air Discharge Patterns Horizontal
Intake Air Rear Return
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant Charge 3 pounds
Air Flow 1200 CFM
Condensate Pump Capacity 1.30 gal/hour
Amp Draw Nominal 16A
Amp Draw In-Rush 56
Input Power 2940 Watts
Input Frequency 60 Hz
Rack Height 42U
Input Connections NEMA L6-20P
Communications & Management  
Control panel Multi-function LCD status and control console
Regulatory Approvals BSMI,EN 55022 Class A,FCC Part 15 Class A,ICES-003,UL Listed,VCCI,VDE

Question: do you have this item in stock??
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. For the most up-to-date, shipping and pricing information, please contact your Server Racks Online representative directly at 1-866-722-5776 or via our online chat feature.

Question: I have a ACSC100. What tonage is it and how much square footage does it cover?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry This unit has a cooling capacity of 5.25kW at sea level which converts to approximately to 1.5 tons of refrigeration. The physical specifications indicate a depth of 42 inches and a width of 11.8 inches, for a footprint of approximately 495.6 square inches or 3.5 square feet. The unit has a net weight of 365 lbs.

Question: Do you hace 1 unit in stock
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry, The APC ACSC100 cooling units are 'Made to order' with a lead time of 5 days currently. If you would like a recommendation based on your setup, please feel free to contact your Server Racks Online sales representative directly at 1-866-722-5776, at sales@server-rack-online.com, or via our online Chat functionality.

Question: Do you buy good working ACSC100 units? YK083211183
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. All products available on Server Racks Online are new and in original packaging.