APC Rack Air Distribution Unit 2U 120V 60HZ

The Rack Air Distribution Unit is a 2U fan unit that works with an existing precision air conditioning system to deliver cool air to the equipment contained in a rack enclosure. The Rack Air Distribution Unit connects into the raised floor and pulls supply air directly into the enclosure. This prevents the conditioned air from mixing with warmer room air before reaching the equipment.

The Rack Air Distribution Unit minimizes temperature differences between the top and bottom of the enclosure. It also prevents hot exhaust air from recirculating to the inlet of the enclosure.

The product is recommended for rack enclosures with loads greater than 1.5kW and can provide airflow for loads up to 3.5kW. It is also ideal for enclosures in raised floor environments where underfloor air distribution is inadequate.

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Price: $1,225.00
NOW: $955.17
Save: $269.83
Rack Units2U
Dimensions3.5" H x 16.59" W x 29" D

APC ACF001 Specifications:

Nominal input voltage 120 V
Input Power 240 Watts
Input frequency 60 Hz +/- 1Hz
Air Flow 505 CFM
Amp Draw Nominal 2 A
Maximum height 3.50 inches ( 8.89 cm )
Maximum width 16.59 inches ( 42.14 cm )
Maximum depth 29 inches ( 74 cm )
Net weight 41 lbs. ( 19 kg )
Shipping Weight 59 lbs. ( 27 kg )
Shipping Height 10 inches ( 25 cm )
Shipping Width 33 inches ( 84 cm )
Shipping Depth 33 inches ( 84 cm )
Color Black
Approvals UL Recognized
Standard warranty 2 years repair or replace

APC Rack Air Distribution Unit Replacement Filter
APC Rack Air Distribution Unit Replacement Filter