APC Rack Air Containment Front Assembly for InRow 300mm (ACCS1003)

The APC ACCS1003 is aRack Air Containment Front Assembly for InRow 300mm. This modular air containment system is designed to maximize cooling predictability, capacity, and efficiency.

Includes: Installation guide

NOTE: Rack air containment front assembly only, server rack sold separately.

APC ACCS1003 Features:

  • Modular design- Modular design provides scalable solutions to add cooling as demand increases.
  • Front containment- Ensures cold supply air is not captured by neighboring equipment.
  • Rear containment- Ensures server exhaust air is returned to the InRow cooling units for maximum cooling predictability.
  • Redundancy- Systems can be configured to included an additional InRow cooling unit to provide N+1 or 2N redundancy.
  • Integrated pressure sensors- Pressure sensors in the InRow cooling units provide fan speed control for optimum system efficiency.
  • Noise dampening- Containment of both front and rear provides reduction of noise caused by installed equipment.
  • Plexiglass door inserts- Provides required air containment and a consistent look across the racks while allowing visibility to installed IT equipment.
  • Easy to install- Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.

APC Rack Air Containment Front Assembly Detail View
APC Rack Air Containment Front Assembly Detail View


  • Net Weight: 30.00 lbs. (13.64 kg.)
  • Color: Black
  • Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit: 0.00 dBA
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Price: $1,400.00
NOW: $1,247.13
Save: $152.87
Technical Specifications
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Dimensions75.24"H x 11.81" W x 7.70"D