Rittal 9963601 Combination Lock Handle (3 digit)

Please note, the Rittal 9963601 is discontinued. For upgrade options, contact your Server Racks Online sales representative at 1-866-722-5776.

Rittal 9963601 is a secure rack door handle with a 3-digit combination code lock for Rittal TS racks (color: RAL 9005). Compatibility with comfort handle, mini-comfort handle, Ergoform-S standard, and folding lever handles. Also known as Rittal 9962.601.

  • Individual 3-digit code without key or
  • with the master key function via an optional semi-cylinder lock (40 or 45 mm to DIN 18 252, irrespective of the code).

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Question: How do you reset the 3 digit door code if it is not known?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry, At the time of purchase, this security lock is preset to open with the code 3-3-3. If you have yet to change that security code, please see the right side of page 2 on this operating instruction manual. If you have already changed the security code but do not remember it, please contact Rittal directly at techsupport@rittal.us for instructions on on unlocking the handle.

Question: How can we reset the key lock combination to original , if we forgot the key lock combination.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are not sure if it is possible to reset this discontinued lock from a locked state to the original combination. In terms of changing the combination, we were able to locate the following instructions from the manufacturer. http://www.rittal.com/imf/none/3_2770/Rittal_9963601_General_technical_information_3_2770 If the operating instructions will not work for your particular situation, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly at: techsupport@rittal.us They may have information on resetting locks that is not publicly available.