12 Volt - 7 Amp Hour UPS Replacement Battery

All batteries are not created equal. Gruber manufactured the 58AGPS-12-7-F specifically for electronic equipment and offers one of the longest shelf lives assuring your equipment long life and reliability.

Gruber 58AGPS-12-7-F2:
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amp/H: 7AH
  • Terminal: F2
Gruber 58AGPS-12-7-F2 Replacement Battery
Gruber 58AGPS-12-7-F2 - Click to enlarge

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  • Lead alloy with low calcium minimizes gassing and extends the life of the grid.
  • Through unique active material recipes, plates after undergoing curing and tank formation provide outstanding energy density and ensure the quality of the battery.
  • Using brass coated lead alloy battery terminals minimizes the impedance of connecting cells inside.
  • The case made of ABS resin and cells kept under internal pressure protects from outer shock or impact.
  • Micro-porous AGM separator completely absorbs and retains electrolyte under the pressured cell design.
  • Electrolyte sufficiently serves for electrochemical reactions in battery but never spills.
  • Battery cases are sealed in epoxy and cells are covered with vents to avoid cell contamination with the atmosphere and serve for internal oxygen reaction.
  • With very little gas evolution, the water loss is minimized and service life is extended. Excess pressure and gas will be released which ensures safety.
  • Vent design is certificated by UL.
Battery Type 12V, 7AH
20 hour rate (350mA) 7Ah
10 hour rate (650 mA) 6.50Ah
5 hour rate (1.19A) 5.95Ah
1 hour rate (4.40A) 4.40Ah
15 min rate (13.7A) 3.42Ah
Length 151mm (5.95in)
Width 65mm (2.54in)
Height 94mm (3.70in)
Total Height10mm (3.90in)
Approx Weight 5.20 Lbs.(2.36kg)
CurrentMaximum Discharge Current
for 5 seconds: 105A
Operating Temp Range
Charge0c(32f) to 40c (104f)
Discharge-15c(5f) to 50c (122f)
Storage-15c(5f) to 40c (104f)
Internal ResistanceApprox. 23 mΩ
Container MaterialABS

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