45U Server Racks

Great Lakes EN Series Rack

Great Lakes EN-Series Enclosures

Enhanced Network Series is designed for high density cable, Cisco equipment, and hot / cold aisle containment
Great Lakes EN-SeriesHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes GL840ENT-3242-FK45U42"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-3242MSS-NS45U42"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-3242MSS45U42"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-3248-FK45U48"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-3248MSS-NS45U48"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-3248MSS45U48"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-4042-FK45U42"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-4042SSS-NS45U42"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-4042SSS45U42"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-4048-FK45U48"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-4048SSS-NS45U48"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL840ENT-4048SSS45U48"19" EIA40"
Cisco Nexus & Catalyst / Side Airflow Equipment Baffle Kits

FK: no doors or sides.
NS: Solid Top, Mesh Front & Split Rear, No Sides
SSS: Solid Top & Sides, Mesh Front & Rear
MSS: Solid Top & Sides, Mesh Front & Split Rear

 Great Lakes GL840N12 Application 

Great Lakes NEMA 12 Enclosures
- Dust & Water Resistant

Great Lakes NEMA 12 SeriesHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes GL840N12-2442-SS45U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840N12-3042-SS45U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL840N12-2442-SA - 2500 to 6000 BTU AC Unit45U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840N12-3042-SA - 2500 to 6000 BTU AC Unit45U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL840N12-2442-SB - 8000 to 12,000 BTU AC Unit45U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840N12-3042-SB - 8000 to 12,000 BTU AC Unit45U42"19" EIA30"
 Great Lakes Zone 4 Seismic Rack 

Great Lakes Seismic Enclosures
(Zone 4, NEBS GR-63-CORE compliant)

Great Lakes EZ SeriesHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes GL840EZ-304245U42"19" EIA30"

APC NetShelter

APC NetShelter Server Rack 

APC NetShelter 45U - 48U Server Racks

APC NetShelter Rack EnclosuresHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC AR310545U42"19" EIA24"


NetClosure Colocation Cabinets 

NetClosure Colo Cabinets

NetClosure Colocation RacksHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
NetClosure REE46026048-NS-2C46U
(2x 23U)
48"19" EIA26"

Austin Hughes 42U Racks - Click to enlarge 

Austin Hughes 45U Server Racks

Part NumberHeightWidthDepth
Infra-S8-SR-6045 (Heavy Duty)45U24"42"
Infra-S8-SR-6245 (Heavy Duty)45U24"47"
Infra-S8-SR-8045 (Heavy Duty)45U31"42"
Infra-S8-SR-8245 (Heavy Duty)45U31"47"
Infra-S8-NSR-6045 (Medium Duty)45U24"42"
Infra-S8-NSR-6245 (Medium Duty)45U24"47"
Infra-S8-NSR-8045 (Medium Duty)45U31"42"
Infra-S8-NSR-8245 (Medium Duty)45U31"47"

Which is the best 45U Rack for me?

Comparing racks can be a daunting task. Even comparing racks with similar dimensions can be like comparing apples to oranges. In addition to your dimension requirements, please also take into consideration the rack's cooling capabilities and cooling options, compatibility, load capacity, cable management options, rack accessories, rail mounting, and overall rack expandability. For additional help, please contact our expert sales engineers at 1-866-722-5776 or join us on Live Chat.

Being a standard rack heights, you may also want to consider 42U Server Racks or 47U to 48U Server Racks. With one less rack unit, also worth noting are 44U Server Racks.

* For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions. To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual rack page.