Eaton 3S 550VA / 330W Standby UPS (3S550)

Please note, the Eaton 3S550 has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

Liebert 3S550 UPS:
Power Rating: 550VA / 330Watt
Input Voltage: 120V
Input Connection: NEMA 5-15P (6ft cord)
Output Receptacles: 8 x 5-15R (4 x surge protection, 4 x battery backup and surge protection)
Form Factor: Standalone or wall-mount

The Eaton 3S-series UPSs deliver high efficiency, energy-saving battery backup and surge protection. Plug-and-play compatibility enables automatic integration. The slim 3S fits neatly under a desk, in an entertainment center or on the wall.

Learn More:
Eaton 3S Brochure (PDF)
Eaton 3S Technical Specifications (PDF)

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Eaton Powerware

Dimensions3.4"H x 5.5"W x 13.2"D

The Series 3 UPS primarily protects against three of the nine power problems: power failures, power sags and power surges. This essential, cost-effective protection is necessary to prevent damage such as data loss, file corruption, flickering lights, hardware issues and equipment shutoff. For example, if the utility fails, you could lose all your work-in-progress. The Series 3 UPS offers a degree of protection against the remaining power problems and is most commonly used to protect single workstations and point-of-sale (POS) equipment.

  • Ease of use: plug-and-play capability (3S550 & 750 only) features HID-compliant USB port for automatic integration with Windows, Mac and Linux (no drivers required)
  • EcoControl for 30 percent greater energy savings than a typical battery backup (model 3S750 only)
  • Attractive design and glossy finish make the 3S a perfect fit for the modern office environment
  • Up to 10 receptacles (5) battery backup and surge protection, (5) surge protection
  • Data line protection for telephone, fax or Ethernet
  • User-replaceable batteries
  • Integrated graceful shutdown capability for connected devices