15U LINIER Rail Kit - Cage Nut

Kendall Howard LINIER 3150-3-001-15 - 15U Vertical Cage Nut style Rail Kit gives installers the ability to integrate additional cage nut style mounting rails into a LINIER Fixed or Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinet. When installing network, security, or low-voltage electrical equipment sometimes additional mounting points are required. This additional set of rails will provide the added mounting functionality you need.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Includes two 15U cage nut style rails
  • Can be used with LINIER Fixed or Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinets
  • Installation hardware included
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
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Kendall Howard
Price: $70.00
NOW: $52.50
Save: $17.50

Cage Nut Style Rails
This set of universal cage nut rails are to be used in conjunction with rack screws and cage nuts. Cage nut style rails continue to grow in popularity because installers don't have to worry about stripping holes. If a cage nut is stripped, you simply remove it and install a new one. With tapped rails, replacement of the entire rail is required.

15U LINIER Rail Kit - 10-32 Tapped
15U LINIER Rail Kit - 10-32 Tapped
The 10-32 Rail Kit can replace the standard cage nut style rails for installers who prefer a tapped rail mounting solution.