Interface Board for e-Comfort Controller Equipment - (RS 232, RS 485, RS 422 and PLC interface)

The Rittal 3124200 (3124.200) interface board is an extension for equipment with e-Comfort controller. In this way it is possible, e.g. to monitor a master/slave combination of up to 10 cooling units. Control is achieved via standardised interfaces: RS232 (DB9) or RS485, one PLC interface (DB9). The extension board is built into a 1 U plastic housing. Power may be supplied externally using a Kycon connector.

Package includes: Interface card integrated into plastic box, Serial SUB-D cable, 4.9ft (1.5 m).

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Download IconRittal 3124200 Interface board Manual (PDF)

Rittal 3124200 / 3124.200 Specifications

Hight1.73" (44mm)
Width5.35" (136mm)
Depth5.08" (129mm)
Weight1.28 lbs. (0.58 kg)
Power24 V (DC)