2 Post Rackmount Shelves - Relay Rack Shelf

Relay Rack Shelves, also known as Cantilever Shelves, are designed to mount to both mounting rails of a 2 post relay rack or open bay relay rack. All the relay rack shelves offered on our site can be mounted into most 19"EIA relay racks.  Center mount relay rack shelves are designed to evenly distribute weight to both mounting rails of a 2 post relay rack.

Visit our Relay Rack page to view a large selection of 2-post relay racks from the major relay rack manufacturers.

Front Mount Cantilever Shelves
Relay Rack Shelves - front mount

Cantilever Shelves - Front MountRack UnitsDepthCapacity
5"D Component Shelf1U5"15 lbs.
12"D Component Shelf1U12"70 lbs.
12"D Vented Component Shelf1U12"70 lbs.
12"D Economy Cantilever Shelf2U12"25 lbs.
12"D Vented Economy Cantilever Shelf2U12"25 lbs.
14"D Economy Cantilever Shelf2U14"25 lbs.
14"D Vented Economy Cantilever Shelf2U14"25 lbs.
14"D Vented Cantilever Shelf2U14"50 lbs.
14"D Louvered Cantilever Shelf2U14"50 lbs.
14"D Component Shelf2U14"120 lbs.
9"D Cantilever Shelf- 1984ST093U9"75 lbs.
15"D Cantilever Shelf- 1984ST153U15"75 lbs.
16"D Component Shelf3U16"150 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-FM3U18"60 lbs.
18"D Vented Cantilever Shelf - SHVC19184U18"70 lbs.
18"D Cantilever Shelf - SHC19184U18"70 lbs.
21"D Cantilever Shelf - SHC19214U21"70 lbs.
24"D Cantilever Shelf - SHC19244U24"70 lbs.
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Center Mount Cantilever Shelves
Relay Rack Shelves - center mount

Cantilever Shelves - Center MountRack UnitsDepthCapacity
14"D Relay Rack Shelf2U14"75 lbs.
19"D Relay Rack Shelf2U19"75 lbs.
19"D Vented Relay Rack Shelf2U19"50 lbs.
20"D Cantilever Shelf2U20"200 lbs.
22"D Cantilever Shelf2U22"200 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-143U14"80 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-SL3U17.50"40 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-EIA3U18"80 lbs.
24"D Centerline Shelf3U24"350 lbs.
24"D Vented Centerline Shelf3U24"350 lbs.
18"D Cantilever Shelf - SHCMC19182U18"70 lbs.
24"D Cantilever Shelf - SHCMC19242U24"70 lbs.
17.5"D Sliding Cantilever Shelf- 7207-SL - 23" EIA3U17.5"40 lbs.
18"D Cantilever Shelf- 7207-EIA - 23" EIA3U18"80 lbs.
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2 Post Rackmount Keyboard Trays
2 Post Rack Mount Keyboard Shelf

Rackmount Keyboard ShelvesRack UnitsDepth
8"D Stationary Keyboard Tray1U8.04"
10"D Rackmount Keyboard Shelf1U10"
14"D Keyboard Shelf2U14"

* For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions.  To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual rack page.

Additional Relay Rack Shelves and 2-Post Relay Rack Accessories: