Smoke Detector, Wired Photoelectric

The Upsite 200-SDW-001 is a wired Photoelectric Smoke Detector listed to Underwriters Laboratories UL 268 for Fire Protection Signaling Systems. The detector includes a mounting base for mounting to 3-inch and 4-inch octagonal, single-gang, and 4-inch square back boxes with a plaster ring, or direct mount to the ceiling using drywall anchors. Wiring connections shall be made by means of SEMS screws. The detector has a nominal sensitivity of 2.5 percent-per-foot nominal as measured in the UL smoke box. The detector is capable of automatically adjusting its sensitivity by means of drift compensation and smoothing algorithms. Dualcolor LED indication blinks to indicate power up, normal standby, out of sensitivity, and alarm conditions.

  • Plug-in detector line, mounting base included
  • Large wire entry port
  • In-line terminals with SEMS screws
  • Mounts to octagonal and single-gang back boxes, 4-square back boxes, or direct to ceiling
  • Stop-Drop N Lock attachment to base
  • Removable detector cover and chamber
  • Built-in remote maintenance signaling
  • Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms
  • Simplified sensitivity measurement
  • Wide-angle, dual-color LED indication
  • Built-in test switch

Note, the 200-PAC-120 power supply is not included and must be purchased separately.

Upsite 200-SDW-001 - Click to enlarge


Upsite 200-SDW-001 Specifications:

Operating VoltageNominal: 12/24 V non-polarized
Minimum: 8.5 V
Maximum: 35 V
Maximum Ripple Voltage30% peak to peak of applied voltage
Standby Current50 ?A maximum average
Maximum Alarm Current20 mA @ 12 V, 23 mA @ 24
Alarm Contact Ratings4 Wire - 0.5 A @ 30 V AC/DC
Dimensions (including base)5.3 inches (127 mm) diameter; 2.0 inches (51 mm) height
Weight6.3 oz (178 g)
Operating Temperature Range32F to 120F (0°C to 49C);
Operating Humidity Range0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Thermal Sensor135F (57.2C) fixed
Sensitivity2.5%/ft nominal
Input TerminalsInput Terminals 14 to 22 AWG
Mounting3-inch octagonal back box
4-inch octagonal back box
Single-gang back box
4-inch square back box with a plaster ring
Direct mount to ceiling
Upsite EMS-200 Environmental Monitoring System
Upsite EMS-200 Environmental Monitoring System
4 Sensor Inputs (temperature/humidity), 8 Digital Inputs (including motion, fire, gas detectors, door, airflow, and summary alarms), 1 Relay Output (control an external device in the event of an alarm condition), 1 Zone Leak Detection, Logging, Trending, Plug-and-Play

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Digital Temperature Sensor, 25 ft
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Digital Temperature + Humidity Sensor, 25 ft
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