Foam Corner Cushions (4) - Stack Racks / Cover Exposed Corners

Chatsworth 12858-001 is a set of 4 gray Corner Cushions. Adhere foam Corner Cushions to cover exposed leading edges of racks for added protection from occasional bumps, or use foam cushions to stack multiple racks - when you need more space, simply add on an additional rack.

  • Flame retardant, non-toxic
  • Foam design conforms to ASTM standards for safety surfacing material
  • Includes double-sided adhesive squares for easy installation
  • RoHS Compliant
Chatsworth CPI 12858-001 - Click to enlarge



Chatsworth 12858-001 Installation Diagram

Question: Where would these ship from? and can these stocked in black
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. These Corner cushions may ship from a variety of locations in the US, depending on the destination and available stock. Unfortunately, it appears the only color available at this time is grey.