Chatsworth 2U AnyServer Bracket (12752-719)

The Chatsworth 2U anyServer Bracket is a simple, yet sturdy solution to secure virtually any server to a 19"-wide, two-post open rack. It is the ideal, cost-effective system for retrofitting existing racks to accommodate one or more servers instead of reverting to a four-post rack or cabinet system. The anyServer Bracket can be adjusted to fit all of your server's requirements enabling you to keep the same mounting system. The anyServer Bracket comes with front and rear steel pans, a pair of steel adjustable arms and mounting hardware.

Chatsworth offers an Optional Support Arm (12759-701).  This support arm provides an additional set of arms that can be used to secure the top of the front panel on larger servers.

Chatsworth 12752-719 anyServer Bracket

Chatsworth Rackmount Accessories: Chatsworth 12752-719


Chatsworth Supplemental Server Support Arms (12759-701)
Chatsworth Supplemental Server Support Arms (12759-701)
1 RMU, 1 pair support arms

Chatsworth AnyServer Bracket (12751-719)
Chatsworth AnyServer Bracket (12751-719)
19W x 1RMU, black bracket