Eaton 103005779 - Smoke Detector / Alarm, 220V

Eaton 103005779 - Smoke Detector/Alarm (220 VAC, IEC C13 Plug; DC9V Battery)

The smoke detector is a device that works with the Eaton Powerware Environmental Rack Monitor (ERM) and connects to the TH-Module. Through the ERM, the user can monitor if there is smoke. The smoke detector is powered by 110 Vac/220 Vac and uses a 9-volt battery as a back-up power supply. AC/DC smoke detectors offer added protection in the event of a power failure or a drained battery.

Learn More: Eaton Smoke Detector Manual (PDF)

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Eaton 103005890 - Smoke Detector / Alarm, 110V
Eaton 103005890 - Smoke Detector / Alarm, 110V