AisleLok Adjustable Gap Panel - 42U to 45U - 10" to 60"W

Please note, the AisleLok 10164-sm has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

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The AisleLok AisleLok 10164-SM Adjustable Rack Gap Panel is an ideal solution for closing off gaps between racks, such as gaps created by building support columns or missing IT racks.

  • The 42U-45U Adjustable Rack Gap Panel features a tool-less design and easily attaches directly to the rack side panel magnetically.
  • The AisleLok Adjustable Rack Gap Panel can enclose gap widths 10" to 60" (250 1500 mm) wide.
  • With the case mounted, the user simply extends the retractable material across the gap, effectively closing off the opening when the handle attaches magnetically to the adjacent cabinet side panel.
  • Reversible design can show either the black side or white side of the material. Symmetrical design allows for mounting on left or right side.
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Price: $630.00
NOW: $550.00
Save: $80.00