Wallmount Installation Hardware Kit (0300-1-001-00)

The Kendall Howard 0300-1-001-00 is a Wall Mount Installation Hardware Kit that comes with 4 toggle anchors, 4 washers, and 4 bolts.  To install, drill a hole into the wall, insert the toggle end into the hole, slide the fitting tight against the wall, and snap off the 2 zip lines - what you are left with is a pre-threaded hole. Line up the cabinet or rack you are mounting and screw in the bolt.  This Wall Mount Hardware Kit is perfect for metal studs or drywall. Weight capacity will depend on the type of wall and how they are installed.


  • Easy to mount and install cabinets and racks in metal studs or drywall
  • Takes 1/2" drill diameter hole; meets Federal Specification requirements of FF-B-588D Type V
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Kendall Howard

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