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Rack Mount UPS Power Backup - Rackmount UPS Power

UPS Power
A UPS, an uninterruptible power supply, or system is defined as a back-up power system used to ensure uninterrupted power for various electronic devices.  A UPS provides back-up power when utility power fails either long enough for critical equipment to shut down sequentially, ensuring no data is lost, or long enough to operate required loads before a generator comes on-line.  We offer various tower and rack mount UPS models.

There are three basic types of UPS power:

  • Standby or Off Line: Monitors the power line and switches to battery power as soon as it detects a problem. Commonly used to protect single workstations and pos equipment.
  • Line Interactive: Common UPS system for small to enterprise network environments. The battery-to-AC power converter (inverter) is always connected to the output of the UPS. Operating the inverter in reverse during times when the input AC power is normal provides battery charging.
  • Double Conversion On-line UPS: Avoids momentary power lapses by constantly providing power from its own inverter, even when the power line is functioning properly. Commonly used for mission critical applications, server farms, hospitals, etc.

Rack Mount UPS


APC SmartUPS - APC Rack Mount UPS

APC SmartUPS Rackmount UPS PowerVoltageCapacityInputOutput
APC SMT750RM2U 120 V 750 VA / 500 W NEMA 5-15P (6) NEMA 5-15R
APC SMT1000RM2U 120 V 1000 VA / 700 W NEMA 5-15P (6) NEMA 5-15R
APC SMT1500RM2U120 V1500 VA / 1000 WNEMA 5-15P(6) NEMA 5-15R
APC SMT2200RM2U 120 V 2200 VA / 1980 W NEMA 5-20P

(6) NEMA 5-15R
(2) NEMA 5-20R

APC SMT3000RM2U 120 V 3000 VA / 2700 W NEMA 5-30P (6) NEMA 5-15R
(2) NEMA 5-20R
APC SMX1500RM2U 120 V 1500 VA / 1200 W NEMA 5-15P (8) NEMA 5-15R


Eaton UPS Power

Eaton Powerware Rack Mount UPS

Eaton Powerware Rack Mount UPS Power

Powerware 5115 Rackmount UPS Power VoltageCapacityInputOutput
Powerware PW5115 RM 500120 V500VA / 320W5-15P(4) 5-15R
Powerware PW5115 RM 750120 V750VA / 520W5-15P(4) 5-15R
Powerware PW5115 RM 1000120 V1000VA / 670W5-15P(4) 5-15R
Powerware PW5115 RM 1500120 V1400VA / 1000W5-15P(4) 5-15R

Powerware 5130 Rackmount UPS Power - Line InteractiveVoltageCapacityInputOutput
Powerware PW5130L1000-XL2U120 V1000 VA / 1000W5-15P(6) 5-15R
Powerware PW5130L1500-XL2U120 V1500 VA / 1400W5-15P(6) 5-15R
Powerware PW5130L2200-XL2U120 V2200 VA / 1920W5-20P(8) 5-20R
Powerware PW5130L3000-XL2U120 V2880 VA / 2700WL5-30P(1) L5-30R, (6) 5-20R
Powerware PW5130L3000-XL3U120 V2880 VA / 2700WL5-30P(1) L5-30R, (6) 5-20R

Powerware 9130 Rackmount UPS Power - Double ConversionVoltageCapacityInputOutput
Powerware PW9130L700R-XL2U120 V700 VA / 630 W5-15P(6) 5-15R
Powerware PW9130L1000R-XL2U120 V1000 VA / 900W5-15P(6) 5-15R
Powerware PW9130L1500R-XL2U120 V1500 VA / 1350 W5-15P(6) 5-15R
Powerware PW9130L2000R-XL2U120 V2000 VA / 1800 W5-20P(6) 5-20R, (1) L5-20R
Powerware PW9130L2500R-XL2U120 V2500 VA / 2250 WL5-30P(6) 5-20R, (1) L5-30R
Powerware PW9130L3000R-XL2U120 V3000 VA / 2700 WL5-30P(6) 5-20R, (1) L5-30R

Tower UPS


Eaton UPS Power

Powerware 3105 UPS

Eaton Powerware UPS Power - Basic Solutions

Powerware Series 3 UPS PowerVoltageCapacityInputOutput
Powerware PW3105-700120 V700VA / 420W6' Line cord with 90 deg.5-15P(8) 5-15R
 Eaton Powerware Series 5 UPS Power 
 Eaton Powerware Series 5 UPS Power - Intermediate Solutions 
Powerware 5110 UPS PowerVoltageCapacityInputOutput
Powerware PW5110 500120 V500VA / 300W6' Line cord with 90 deg.5-15P(8) 5-15R
Powerware PW5110 700120 V700VA / 420W6' Line cord with 90 deg.5-15P(8) 5-15R
Powerware PW5110 1000120 V1000VA / 600W6' Line cord with 90 deg.5-15P(8) 5-15R
Powerware PW5110 1500120 V1440VA / 900W6' Line cord with 90 deg.5-15P(8) 5-15R

Powerware 5115 UPS PowerVoltageCapacityInputOutput
Powerware PW5115 500120 V500VA / 320W5-15P(4) 5-15R
Powerware PW5115 750120 V750VA / 500W5-15P(4) 5-15R
Powerware PW5115 1000120 V1000VA / 670W5-15P(6) 5-15R
Powerware PW5115 1400120 V1400VA / 950W5-15P(6) 5-15R

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