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Rack Mount Shelf
Server Rack Shelves, Relay Rack Shelves

Which server rack shelf would work best in my server rack? The general rule of thumb is to measure 6" shorter than depth of a server rack for all 4-post cabinets. This measurement will compute the optimal shelf depth for your particular cabinet enclosure. Also, please take into consideration that rails are often set at a distance less then the actual depth of the internal dimension.

4 Post Rack Mount Shelf, 19" EIA and 23" EIA Width Server Rack Shelves

4 Post Server Rack Shelves are available in an array of types including: Adjustable Rack Shelves, Fixed Server Rack Shelves, Rack Mount Sliding Shelf, Rackmount Keyboard Shelves, etc.

Adjustable Rackmount Shelves
Adjustable Server Rack Shelf

Similar looking to a flat rack shelf, Adjustable Server Rack Shelves attach to all 4 mounting rails of a 4-Post Server Rack or Computer Cabinet. The main difference between the two is the depth of the adjustable rack shelves can cahnge to meet specific mounting requirements in your server rack.

Adjustable Rackmount ShelvesRack UnitsMounting Depth*Shelf DepthCapacity
1U 4-Point Adjustable Shelf1U18" - 36"18" - 36"250 lbs.
1U Vented 4-Point Adjustable Shelf1U22" - 36"22" - 36"250 lbs.
4-Point Adjustable Shelf2U22" - 40"22" - 40"250 lbs.
2U Four Post Adjustable Rackmount Shelf2U24" - 36"18"200 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-FR-AHD1U18" - 26"22.25"200 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-FR-ADHD1U18" - 32"27.25200 lbs.
20.75"D Adjustable Shelf- 7206-BT3U18" - 25"20.75"300 lbs.
28"D Adjustable Shelf- 7206-FR-A28HD1U18" - 30"28"300 lbs.
32"D Adjustable Shelf- 7206-FR-A32HD1U18" - 35"32"300 lbs.
18"D Adjustable Shelf - SHA1918 1U14" - 22"18"100 lbs.
24"D Adjustable Shelf - SHA19241U20" - 28"24100 lbs.
32"D Adjustable Shelf - SHA19321U28" - 36"32"100 lbs.

Fixed Rackmount Shelf
Fixed Server Rack Shelf

Sometimes called a stationary, flat server rack shelf or computer rack shelf. A flat server rack shelf mounts to all 4 mounting rails of a 4-Post Server Rack or Electronic Enclosure. Due to its simplicity, fixed rack shelves will often occupy less than 1U of rack space.

Fixed Rackmount Shelves - 19" EIA MountingRack UnitsMounting DepthCapacity
18"D Stationary Rackmount Shelf - 7206-FR-A181U18"150 lbs.
22.25"D Stationary Rackmount Shelf- 7207-FR-AHD - 23" EIA1U22.25"200 lbs.
20.75"D Stationary Rackmount Shelf- 7207-BT - 23" EIA3U20.75"300 lbs.
24"D Fixed Rackmount Shelf - SH19241U24"100 lbs.
24"D Vented Fixed Shelf - SHV19241U24"100 lbs.
30"D Fixed Shelf - SH19301U30"100 lbs.
30"D Vented Fixed Shelf - SHV19301U30"100 lbs.
30"D Heavy Duty Shelf - SHHD19301U30"300 lbs.
32"D Rackmount Shelf - SH19321U32"100 lbs.

Rackmount Sliding Shelves
Sliding Server Rack Shelf

Also known as Rackmount Pullout shelves, are useful for positioning non-rack mountable equipment in a server rack which needs frequent access. Sliding Pullout Shelves mount to all 4 mounting rails of a 4-post server rack.

Sliding Rackmount Shelves / Rackmount Pullout ShelvesRack UnitsSliding ExtensionDepthCapacity
1U Sliding Adjustable Cable Management Shelf1U18"18"-24"D100 lbs.
22"D Adjustable Sliding Shelf - 7206-FRSL-AHD2U17.5"22"110 lbs.
26"D Adjustable Sliding Shelf- 7206-FRSL-ADHD2U17.5"26" 110 lbs.
30"D Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf- 7206-FRSLA3003U28"30"300 lbs.
18"D Sliding Drawer- 7206-DR4U17.5"18.56"100 lbs.
18"D Pullout Shelf - SHPO19181U17.72"18"100 lbs.
24"D Pullout Shelf - SHPO19241U23.62"24"72 lbs.
30"D Vented Pullout Shelf - SHVPO19301U27.56"30"65 lbs.
22"D Sliding Shelf- 7207-FRSL-AHD - 23" EIA2U17.5"22"110 lbs.
17.5" Sliding Shelf- 7207-SL - 23" EIA3U11"17.5"40 lbs.

Rackmount Keyboard Shelves
Server Rack Keyboard Shelf

19 inch keyboard shelves are designed to accommodate standard sized keyboards, these rack mount keyboard shelves extend beyond the cabinet to make it easy to type on a standard keyboard. These shelves mount to all 4 mounting rails of a 4-post server rack enclosure.

4 Post Rackmount Keyboard ShelvesRack UnitsMounting Depth*Depth
24"D Sliding Monitor & Keyboard Shelf- 7206-MKM2U24" - 36.77"24"
9.5"D Pivoting Keyboard Shelf- 7206-PKB-MT3U18.375" - 36.12"9.5"
18"D Sliding Keyboard Shelf - SHKB19181U11" - 21"18"
24"D Sliding Rotating Shelf - SHKBR19241U24"24"

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2 Post Rackmount Shelf - 19"EIA Width Relay Rack Shelves

Relay rack shelves, also known as Cantilever Shelves or 2 Post Rack Shelves, are designed to be mounted on Relay Racks, 2 Post Open Server Racks, etc. The two most common types of relay rack shelves are center mount or front mount.

Front Mount Cantilever Shelves
Front Mount Relay Rack Shelf

Cantilever Shelves - Front MountRack UnitsDepthCapacity
9"D Cantilever Shelf- 1984ST093U9"75 lbs.
12"D Component Shelf1U12"70 lbs.
14"D Vented Cantilever Shelf2U14"50 lbs.
14"D Component Shelf2U14"120 lbs.
15"D Cantilever Shelf- 1984ST153U15"75 lbs.
16"D Component Shelf3U16"150 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-FM3U18"60 lbs.
18"D Vented Cantilever Shelf - SHVC19184U18"70 lbs.
18"D Cantilever Shelf - SHC19184U18"70 lbs.
21"D Cantilever Shelf - SHC19214U21"70 lbs.
24"D Cantilever Shelf - SHC19244U24"70 lbs.

Center Mount Cantilever Shelves
Center Mount Relay Rack Shelf

Cantilever Shelves - Center MountRack UnitsDepthCapacity
14"D Relay Rack Shelf2U14"75 lbs.
19"D Relay Rack Shelf2U19"75 lbs.
19"D Vented Relay Rack Shelf2U19"75 lbs.
20"D Cantilever Shelf2U20"200 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-143U14"80 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-SL3U17.50"40 lbs.
Great Lakes 7206-EIA3U18"80 lbs.
24"D Centerline Shelf3U24"350 lbs.
24"D Vented Centerline Shelf3U24"350 lbs.
18"D Cantilever Shelf - SHCMC19184U18"70 lbs.
24"D Cantilever Shelf - SHCMC19244U24"70 lbs.
17.5"D Sliding Cantilever Shelf- 7207-SL - 23" EIA3U17.5"40 lbs.
18"D Cantilever Shelf- 7207-EIA - 23" EIA3U18"80 lbs.

2 Post Rackmount Keyboard Trays
2 Post Rack Mount Keyboard Shelf

Rackmount Keyboard ShelvesRack UnitsDepth
8"D Stationary Keyboard Tray1U8.04"
10"D Rackmount Keyboard Shelf1U10"
14.5"D Keyboard Drawer1U14.5"
14"D Keyboard Shelf2U14"

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* For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions.  To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual shelf's page.

Liebert 535809G1 - 19 Expandable Telescopic Shelf
Liebert 535809G1 - 19 Expandable Telescopic Shelf
Expandable shelf - from 22.3" depth (566mm) to 46" depth (1168mm)

Server Rack Drawers
Server Rack Drawers
Locking server rack drawers to store equipment at the rack.

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