APC NetBotz Camera Pod 160 (NBPD0160A)

APC NetBotz CCTV Adapter Pod 120 - 16ft (NBPD0123)
APC NetBotz CCTV Adapter Pod 120 - 16ft (NBPD0123)
CCTV ADPT POD 120 utilizes CCTV cameras with the NetBotz physical threat monitoring system

Please note, the APC NBPD0160 has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

The American Power Conversion (APC) NetBotz Camera Pod 160 is a motion-sensitive camera capable of sending image data through a USB connection to a Rack Monitor 450 (NBRK0451, NBWL0455, NBWL0456), Room Monitor 550 (NBRK0550, NBRK0570). The NetBotz 160 can be triggered remotely by the appliance in response to a number of environmental alarms or events, such as a temperature spike or the action of opening a door. The NetBotz 160 can also provide constant surveillance of an area or entrance.

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Price: $639.00
NOW: $428.74
Save: $210.26

The NetBotz 160 includes the following features:

  • Image processor that generates images up to 1280 x 1024 resolution, 24-bit color, and up to 30 frames per second. Note: The maximum frame rate describes the maximum number of images that the camera imager is capable of producing each second. The actual frame rate is dependent on the amount of available bandwidth and current resolution.
  • Image Size: 7.7 mm x 6.1 mm (9.82 mm diagonal = 0.387 in).
  • Field of View: 64 (H) x 53 (V) for all resolutions.
  • User adjustable and switchable industry-standard CS-mount lens. CS-mount permits access to hundreds of different general purpose and special purpose lenses.
  • Microphone jack (standard 3.5-mm mini-plug), which provides the ability to monitor and capture monophonic audio from the location in which the NetBotz 160 is installed.
  • Speaker/headphone jack (standard 3.5-mm stereo mini-plug) that can be used with unpowered headphones or powered speakers to provide monophonic audio output.
  • An optional door switch sensor (NBES0302 or NBES0303) can be used to trigger image capture when someone opens a monitored entryway or other door, such as a cabinet or closet..

The imager of the NetBotz 160 supports two imaging modes: Wide Screen mode and Pan and Scan mode.

  • In Wide Screen mode, all images that are captured are based on the entire 1280 x 1024 frame. The NetBotz 160 then reduces the total 1280 x 1024 frame to the appropriate resolution or mode, resulting in a smaller image that includes the entire field of view supported by the NetBotz 160. However, in reducing the image to smaller sizes some image detail will be lost.
  • In Pan and Scan mode, a portion of the total 1280 x 1024 field of view supported by the NetBotz 160 is selected as the window of interest within the frame. This selected window is then used to determine what portion of the total field of view to include in image captures and in the Camera view when resolutions lower than 1280 x 1024 are needed. 1280 x 1024 images still contain the entire field of view, but lower image resolution modes use only a portion of the frame, determined by a user-specified 640 x 480 window of interest.

Formerly the NBPD0160