Great Lakes ES - Enhanced Series Server Enclosures

Great Lakes Enhanced Series enclosures are feature-rich enclosures for housing telecommunication equipment, computer hardware, LAN equipment, and other electronic equipment. The modular design of the Enhanced Series accommodates initial installation and future additions in today's progressive network environment.  The Enhanced Series is available in heights of 13U to 48U, and in depths from 32" to 42".

Great Lakes ES Series Application

Great Lakes ES-Series Enclosures
Designed for high density, servers, Cisco equipment, and hot / cold aisle containment

Great Lakes ES-SeriesHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes GL480ES-2442MS24U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2442MS42U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2442MSS42U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2442MSFS42U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3042MS42U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3042MSS42U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3042MSFS42U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2448MS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2448MSS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2448MSFS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3048MS42U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3048MSS42U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3048MSFS42U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL840ES-2442MS44U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL8401ES-244244U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840ES-2448MS44U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840ES-3048MS44U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL910ES-2442MS48U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL910ES-2442MSS48U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL910ES-3042MS48U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL910ES-3042MSS48U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL910ES-2448MS48U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL910ES-2448MSS48U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL910ES-3048MS48U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL910ES-3048MSS48U48"19" EIA30"