Chatsworth Rack: 45U 2-Post Aluminum Relay Rack (55053-503)

This Chatsworth 45U aluminum 2-post rack is a high quality, cost-effective storage solution for patch panels and network switches. The small footprint makes the CPI Standard Rack the best choice in many telecommunications and equipment rooms, especially where floor space is limited.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrated grounding with a built-in attachment point for a ground (earthing) connection.
  • Supports 19 EIA rack-mount equipment designed for two-post panel mounting, like patch panels and network switches.
  • Easy positioning of equipment with marked and numbered rack-mount spaces.
  • Quick attachment of equipment with threaded equipment mounting holes and included equipment mounting screws.
  • Delivers unassembled in a single carton quick and easy bolt-together assembly takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy transport and positioning during installation.
  • Quickly attach any CPI vertical cable manager to the side of the rack through pre-punched web channel holes.
  • Floor-mount holes on the base angles make it easy to secure the rack to the floor with a concrete, wood or raised floor installation kit.

Chatsworth 55053-503 - Click to enlarge
Price: $262.67
NOW: $249.03
Save: $13.64
Rack Units45U
Dimensions19" W x 84" H x 15" D