Great Lakes Pair of M6 Mounting Rails

The Great Lakes 7805-ES2P is an extra pair of 19" EIA mounting rails, with M6 cage nuts, for 78"H server rack enclosure frames.
Great Lakes Mounting Hardware: Great Lakes 7805-ES2P - Click to enlarge
Great Lakes

Price: $82.00
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Great Lakes #10-32 Mounting Rails - 42U
Great Lakes #10-32 Mounting Rails - 42U
Pair of EIA Mounting Rails for 78"H enclosures; 19" mounting

Question: Will this mounting rail work in a Hubbell HPW78C19X30 rack?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry, While the 7805-ES2P rails would theoretically work with the Hubbell HPW78C19X30 rack (worst case with custom holes), we are unable to guarantee compatibility as Great Lakes does not specify this.