Infrapower 30 C13/19 Combo Outlets Single-Phase 208V 30A Metered PDU

InfraPower V30X19-30A-MD/CR_L620/3B-1 0U Monitored Single Phase PDU:
Current: 30A
Voltage: 208V Single-Phase
Input Plug: Select L6-30P plug
Input Cord: 10ft UL SJT 10 AWG cordset
Outlets: (30) C13/C19 Combo Slide-locking Outlets
Circuit Breakers: (1) 1-pole MCB
Mounting: 0U Vertical

The InfraPower V30X19-30A-MD/CR_L620/3B-1 0U Monitored Rack PDU is single-phase PDU designed for cost efficient, reliable power distribution for your rack. Includes Amp monitoring with a local meter. Now with the innovative slide-locking outlets.

InfraPower V30X19-30A-MD/CR_L630/3B-1 - Click to enlarge

Price: $709.00
NOW: $613.00
Save: $96.00

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V30X19-30A-MD/CR_L620/3B-1 Specifications:

Width 2.2"
Height 57.1"
Depth 2.2"
Operating Temp -5 to 60 ℃ (23 to 140 ℉)
Storage Temp -25 to 65 ℃ (-25 to 149 ℉)
Humidity 8 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Rated Amperage 30 amp
Input Voltage 208V Single-Phase
Meter Features (MD Monitored PDU)
Local Display 3-digit LED ammeter measuring input load current
Bank Measurement Current (A)
Accuracy +/- (3% of the reading + 5 digits) RMS
Outlets 30 x C13/C19 Combo Outlets
Agency Approvals EMC, UL, RoHS3, & REACH