DirectAire 18987 Steel 24" Directional Airflow Floor Panel - Anti-Static - for Tate Bolted stringer systems

DirectAire 18987 uses patent pending technology to angle the air toward the equipment achieving a 93% Capture Index. This means 93% of the airflow delivered through the airflow panel is entering the face of the server rack, providing the highest cooling capacity and energy efficiency of any airflow panel on the market. DirectAire has a 68% open area and a strong durable design that provides superior load performance. DirectAire is designed for a one-to-one pairing with a standard 42U rack.

  • Welded Steel Grate Design
  • Interchangeable with ConCore and All-Steel Panels as well as other panel systems upon test and verification
  • 68% Open Area without a damper
  • Supports over 19 kW per Rack @ 0.10"H2O
  • Panel Size: 24" Square
  • Panel Height, corner to bottom of lip: .79"
  • Total Panel height: 2.19"
  • Panel weight: 48.5 lbs
  • Removable with portable lifting device
  • Directional Airflow for 93% Capture Index
  • SparkLite White anti-static powder coat

Tate floor panels are only compatible with Tate Raised Floor Systems. Please check your setup carefully - no returns or exchanges accepted. For larger quantities, please contact us

Tate DirectAire 18987

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DirectAire 24" System Performance CriteriaStatic LoadsRolling Loads (lbs)ImpactAirflow
Panel TypeUnder-StructureSystem Weight (lbs/ft2)Design Loads (lbs)Safety FactorUltimate Load (lbs)10 Passes10,000 PassesLoad (lbs)@ 0.1"H2O (CFM)Capture Index
DirectAire AlBolted Stringer132500Min > 2<500020002000200259493%

1. System Design Load is based on permanent set ? 0.010" and is verified by loading panels in accordance with the CISCA concentrated load method but with panels installed on actual understructure instead of steel blocks. (Testing on blocks does not represent performance of an actual installation.) Ultimate, Rolling, and Impact Load tests are performed using CISCA Test Procedures.
2. Safety Factor is Ultimate Load divided by Design Load.

The elimination of bypass air saves operating expenses in existing facilities and reduces capital expenditures on cooling equipment in new facilities. DirectAire's superior load performance is ideal for retrofit and new construction, easily integrating into your existing raised floor system.

Improve Data Center Financial Performance

Directional airflow panels maximize the financial performance of any new or existing data center. The precise delivery of air provides many financial benefits for new and existing facilities.

  • Reduces bypass airflow by over 40% allowing new facilities to reduce the number of CRAH units.
  • Retrofits can set CRAH units with fixed speed fans to standby mode or adjust variable fan drives to operate at a lower static pressure, saving up to 40% in annual fan energy.
  • 93% Capture Index eliminates the need for costly aisle containment systems
  • Improves overall cooling capacity allowing for the addition of IT equipment without capital investments on infrastructure.

Easily Cool High Density Racks

DirectAire features a 68% open area, capable of delivering 2,600 CFM at .1" H2O static pressure. Each vertical vane has an angle of deflection at the top to direct the airflow towards the server rack to achieve a 93% Capture Index rate, compared to typical airflow panels which only deliver 30-50% directly to the rack. This improvement enables DirectAire® to efficiently cool up to 25kW per rack

Tate DirectAire Application

Tate DirectAire Application2

Airflow Performance Information

Pressure (in. H2O)CFM (w/oDamper)kW/Rack (93% CI)

*Cooling capacities were calculated using the following formula:(CFM x Capture Index %) / 126(CFM needed to cool 1kW @ 25ºF ?T)= kW per rack.


  • 24" Bolted Stringer
  • 48" Bolted Stringer


  • SmartAire MZ
  • SmartAire
  • PowerAire
  • PowerAire Quad
  • Single-zone Opposed Blade Damper
  • Multi-zone Opposed Blade Damper