PowerAire M - 3-Sensor Fan Assist - 200 to 240V

Tate's PowerAire fan assist module is designed to provide a blast of cooling through an individual airflow panel. Multiple Control options are available to automatically turn on when conditions require additional cooling. Equipped with a variable speed fan drive the fan can be throttled up or down based on the heat load requirements.

  • EC Fan for 100% variable airflow supply
  • Three probes for accurate zone temp control
  • Visual user interface for set point control
  • Supports 0-19kw IT Load at 0.0" H2O
  • Consumes <400 watts at 100% fan speed
  • 200-240V version (FLA: 1.3A; MCA: 1.7A; MOCP: 15A)
  • 23.1" x 26.7" x 7.6" for use in >10.5" FFH
  • Fan speed infinitely variable 0-100%
  • 75db maximum noise level
  • High Precision, Quick Response Temperature Measurement
  • Viewable Peak Temp for walkthrough check of each rack
  • Zero maintenance
  • Installation can be carried out by IT staff

Tate floor panels are only compatible with Tate Raised Floor Systems. Please check your setup carefully - no returns accepted. For larger quantaties, please contact us

Tate PowerAire M

Please call 1-866-722-5776 to order

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PowerAire M - 3-Sensor Fan Assist Application

PowerAire M - 3-Sensor Fan Assist Application2

BMS Interface

BMS Interface cards are available to allow the PowerAire M to interface with the existing BMS. Currently BACnet IP, SNMP, (PN tate-16152) and BACnet MS/TP (PN tate-16153) protocols are available for remotely monitoring and controlling the units. This interface allows for the retrieval of current inlet temperatures and fan speed, as well as adjusting individual unit temperature set points.

Airflow Performance Information (Paired with DirectAire Panel)

Static Pressure
0% Power (CFM)100% Power (CFM)


  • PowerAire
  • 4 x Tool-less String Hangers
  • 4 x Alternative Corner Lock Hangers
  • 3 x Temperature Monitoring Probe
  • Zip Ties
  • 6' Power Cord (200-240V) (IEC C14 inlet - NEMA L6-15R outlet required)


  • DirectAire
  • DirectAire Al
  • DirectAire X2


  • 2' Bolted Stringer Steel System
  • 4' Bolted Stringer Steel System