SecureLock IEC C-14(m) to C-13(f) Power Cords (6 each)

Please note, the Raritan SLC14C13 has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

Prevent costly downtime from accidental power cord disconnects with SecureLock outlets and power cords. Each unit has 6 C14 to C13 power cords in your choice of length and color fit in Raritan's SecureLock outlet.
Please Note: Each cord in a package must be the same length and color.

Individual part numbers follow this format:
SLC14C13-(x)FT(y)-6PK, where (x) represents length and (y) represents the color code. For example, SLC14C13-2FT-6PK is for 6 each of a 2ft, black power cord.

Raritan  SLC14C13 - Click to enlarge


Length (x)

raritan securelock and ipdu image

This page applies to the following part numbers:

Black cordsRed cords Blue cordsLength
SLC14C13-2FT-6PKSLC14C13-2ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-2ftk2-6pk 2ft
SLC14C13-3FT-6PKSLC14C13-3ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-3ftk2-6pk 3 ft
SLC14C13-4FT-6PKSLC14C13-4ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-4ftk2-6pk 4 ft
SLC14C13-5FT-6PKSLC14C13-5ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-5ftk2-6pk 5 ft
SLC14C13-6FT-6PKSLC14C13-6ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-6ftk2-6pk 6 ft
SLC14C13-7FT-6PKSLC14C13-7ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-7ftk2-6pk 7 ft
SLC14C13-8FT-6PKSLC14C13-8ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-8ftk2-6pk 8 ft
SLC14C13-10FT-6PKSLC14C13-10ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-10ftk2-6pk 10 ft
SLC14C13-15FT-6PKSLC14C13-15ftk1-6pkSLC14C13-15ftk2-6pk 15 ft