Eaton RSHFIDADMSW - Dirak Admin software for HFID Lock

Eaton RSHFIDADMSW is the Dirak Admin software to manage HFID rack locks.

With the Administration Suite, you can administer, document and protect access to all racks. One has full control over all cabinets and enclosures secured with HFID Locks by DIRAK systems, while at the same time having a high degree of flexibility. The Administration Suite software offers many features: comprehensive alarm management, the ability to manage systems in different time zones, administration of different facilities from one user interface and the documented XML interface, which enables data to be imported and exported.

The integrated Web Client makes it possible for any number of users to connect remotely to the Administration Suite server via a simple web browser. Any device with a browser function (iPad, tablet PC, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) can be used to access the Administration Suite without having to install additional software on the device.

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Eaton Powerware
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Eaton RSHDLH - RS Rack HFID Lock Handle Kit
Eaton RSHDLH - RS Rack HFID Lock Handle Kit
HFID Lock Handle Kit for Eaton RS series rack doors. Allows only access to those individuals with approved HFID cards.

Eaton RSHFIDBATT - HFID Lock Handle Battery Pack
Eaton RSHFIDBATT - HFID Lock Handle Battery Pack
Battery pack for the Eaton HFID Lock Handle.