OceanAire AirBoss Portable Air Conditioner, 36050 BTU/Hr, L16-20P, 460/60/3 V

The OceanAire AirBoss PAC3634 Portable Air-Cooled Air Conditioners is designed to cool an entire area by discharging air through its 5 x 7 grille. This self contained unit, with included Ceiling Panel Kit, Nozzel Kit and Condensate Pump, is also designed for spot cooling, directing air toward specific areas or objects. This wall pluggable AirBoss Model has a 36050 BTU/HR floor mount configuration to satisfy any space requirements. Caster are provided for portability.

This model is thoroughly self-contained with the entire refrigeration system, evaporator and condenser fan motors and electrical components neatly arranged in a platinum texture polyester powder coated metal cabinet. Only power, and an opening to dispose of condenser hot air are required. The 24 volt temperature controller (thermostat), provides the desired comfort. The cord-connected OceanAire AirBoss has provided heavy-duty swivel casters for easy handling and convenient relocation for your spot cooling or portable cooling needs.

Portable Cooling: OceanAire PAC3634 - Click to enlarge


Notes on included accessories.

  • Ceiling kit is used to conduct condenser discharge air to drop ceiling ventilated plenum. Kit consists of flange, flex duct and ceiling panel.
  • Nozzle kit is used in place of indoor air discharge grille to direct conditioned air for spot cooling. Kit consists of drop-in panel with two flex-duct nozzles.
  • Pump kit is used in place of standard condensate collection tank to remove condensate from unit. Kit consists of pump, wire harness and hardware.

OceanAire Included Accessories

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AirBoss Standard Features

  • High Efficiency Rotary or Scroll Compressor
  • Rifled Copper Tube, Enhanced Fin Coils
  • Commercial Grade Steerable Casters
  • Manual Reset High Pressure Switch
  • Washable Air Filters
  • 5-Gallon Condensate Tank AutoShut-off
  • Condensate pump on 5-Ton AirBoss
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • 24 Volt Control System
  • Pitched Drain Pan (ASHRAE 62-89)
  • Automatic re-start after loss of power
  • Optional Drop-in Nozzles
  • Optional Duct Adapters
  • Can Easily Remote locate thermostat
  • 10 foot power cords
  • Schrader valves for service & Testing
  • 5-year compressor warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Cools to 60 F

OceanAire AirBoss Portable Cooling Unit Dimension Diagram
OceanAire AirBoss Portable Cooling Unit Dimension Diagram

NOTE: Condenser inlet air plenum adds 13 inches to dimension C

AirBoss PAC3634 Specifications:

Height(A) with Casters: 48.5 in. (123.2 cm.)
(D) w/out Casters: 44 in. (112 cm)
(B) Width 28 in. (71 cm.)
(C) Depth35 in. (89 cm.)
Weight380 lbs. (166 kg.)
Shipping Weight420 lbs. (184 kg.)
Shipping Volume40 cu.ft.
Cooling Capacity136,050
Cooling Amps68.7
Cooling Watts63620
Voltage (V/Phase) at 60Hz460/3
In Rush Current (Amps)122
Plug TypeL16-20P
Compressor HP3
Compressor RLA5.0
Compressor LRA35
Evap CFM41310
Evap Motor HP1/2
Evap Motor Watts375
Condenser CFM1390
Condenser Motor HP3/4
Condenser Motor Watts460
Condensate5 Gallon Condensate Tank - STANDARD (Pump Optional)
Sound Level569
R-410A Charge Oz.66

Specifications subject to change without notice:
1 Cooling Capacity is total BTUH at 80DB/67WB return air, at high fan speed
2 Time Delay fuses/circuit breakers are recommended
3 EER is determined at high fan speed, with condenser discharge air ducted into another area
4 CFM with free discharge
5 Sound Pressure, dB at 5 feet, commercial operation
6 Amps & Watts at 208 Volts

Ambient operating range 65 to 105

May operate down to 55 if equipped with hot gas bypass (Factory installed)