Liebert Server Racks - Liebert Knurr Server Cabinets


Liebert Rack Enclosures

 Liebert DCE Series Racks 
Part NumberHeightWidthDepthDescription
E2461124U23.6"43.3"Front Door - Perforated, locking
Rear Door - Perforated split, locking*
Side Panels - Solid split, locking*
Roof - High density cable entry
Casters and leveling feet
PDU / Cable Management Brackets
Baying brackets
Installation Hardware package

*24U cabinets have single perforated rear doors, and single side panels

Vertiv Rack Enclosures

 Vertiv VR Series Racks 
Part NumberRack TypeRack UnitsHeightWidthDepthNote
VR3100Server Rack42U78.6 in23.6 in43.3 inVRXXXXSP ship with 2000 lb. rated shock packaging
VRXXXXTAA are TAA Compliant
VR3100SPServer Rack42U78.6 in23.6 in43.3 in
VR3100TAAServer Rack42U78.6 in23.6 in43.3 in
VR3300Server Rack42U78.6 in23.6 in47.8 in
VR3300SPServer Rack42U78.6 in23.6 in47.8 in
VR3300TAAServer Rack42U78.6 in23.6 in47.8 in
VR3150Network Rack42U78.6 in31.5 in43.3 in
VR3150SPNetwork Rack42U78.6 in31.5 in43.3 in
VR3150TAANetwork Rack42U78.6 in31.5 in43.3 in
VR3350Network Rack42U78.6 in31.5 in47.8 in
VR3350SPNetwork Rack42U78.6 in31.5 in47.8 in
VR3350TAANetwork Rack42U78.6 in31.5 in47.8 in
VR3107Server Rack48U89.2 in23.6 in43.3 in
VR3107SPServer Rack48U89.2 in23.6 in43.3 in
VR3107TAAServer Rack48U89.2 in23.6 in43.3 in
VR3307Server Rack48U89.2 in23.6 in47.8 in
VR3307SPServer Rack48U89.2 in23.6 in47.8 in
VR3307TAAServer Rack48U89.2 in23.6 in47.8 in
VR3157Network Rack48U89.2 in31.5 in43.3 in
VR3157SPNetwork Rack48U89.2 in31.5 in43.3 in
VR3157TAANetwork Rack48U89.2 in31.5 in43.3 in
VR3357Network Rack48U89.2 in31.5 in47.8 in
VR3357SPNetwork Rack48U89.2 in31.5 in47.8 in
VR3357TAANetwork Rack48U89.2 in31.5 in47.8 in

Liebert MCR Climate-Controlled NEMA 12 Cabinets

 Liebert MCR Self-Contraned Server Rack Application 
Part NumberHeightWidthDepthDescription
MCR-22U-T22U23.5"38"with 1.6 kW (5621 BTU) Rack-top mount Cooling Unit.
Includes Casters and locking doors.
MCR-42U-RB42U23.5"38"with 1.6 kW (5621 BTU) Rack-mount Cooling Unit,
+ 0.8 kW (2811 BTU) Back-Up Cooling Module.
Includes Casters, Locking Doors, High Temp Alarm, and 19" x 38" Duct Adapter.

Legacy - Liebert Knurr Server Cabinets

 Liebert Knurr Server Cabinets 
Knurr Server CabinetsHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
Knurr 2185090 - w/out sides42U43"19" EIA32"
Knurr KMK8B120000LQ53 - w/out sides42U43"19" EIA32"
Knurr 10201110 - with sides47U39"19" EIA24"
Knurr 10201310 - w/out sides47U39"19" EIA24"
Knurr 2185030 - w/out sides47U43"19" EIA24"
Knurr 2185110 - w/out sides47U43"19" EIA32"
Knurr 2185120 - with sides47U43"19" EIA32"

The Liebert Knurr 19"W EIA server rack enclosures provide a fully assembled aluminum extruded frame with a patented T Slot, offering many quick mount options. Knurr
Server Cabinets come fully assembled with fully perforated (83%) doors Front and rear, 2 sets of 19" EIA rails, a vented roof, and an easy turn handle.  Leveling feet are mounted in the base of the cabinet.  The bottom of the cabinet is fully open.

* For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions. To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual rack page.

Liebert PDU, UPS Systems & Server Rack Accessories

Liebert Rack PDUs
Liebert Rack PDUs
Basic, Switched and Monitored power strips from Liebert
Liebert UPS
Liebert UPS
Single phase, Line-Interactive, rackmountable and tower UPS systems by Liebert
Liebert MicroPod Maintenance Bypass for Liebert UPS
Liebert MicroPod Maintenance Bypass for Liebert UPS
Allows manual UPS bypass, ensures continuous operation of critical computer equipment
Liebert POD for Liebert UPS
Liebert POD for Liebert UPS
Power Output Distribution Boxes. Various Input Output Power options for hardwired Liebert UPS's.
Liebert Server Rack Doors
Liebert Server Rack Doors
Perforated doors for 42U & 47U Liebert Knurr server racks
Liebert Server Rack Monitoring Products
Liebert Server Rack Monitoring Products
Environmental monitoring sensors for Liebert Racks, PDUs and monitoring devices.
Liebert Server Rack Side Panels
Liebert Server Rack Side Panels
Steel side panels for 42U & 47U Liebert Knurr server racks
Liebert Rackmount Shelves
Liebert Rackmount Shelves
Server rackmount shelves by Liebert
Liebert Rack Cable Management
Liebert Rack Cable Management
Tool-less cable management claws, Hook-n-Loop Fastener straps and routing panels
Liebert Blanking Panels
Liebert Blanking Panels
1U-10U blanking panels
Liebert Roof Grommets
Liebert Roof Grommets
Roof grommets for Liebert Knurr server rack top panels
Liebert Cooling & Airflow Management
Liebert Cooling & Airflow Management
Liebert Cooling & Airflow Management
Liebert Mounting Brackets
Liebert Mounting Brackets
Power strip mounting brackets for 42U & 47U server racks
Liebert Server Rack Hardware
Liebert Server Rack Hardware
Various brackets, server rails and mounting hardware for Liebert server racks
Discontinued Products by Liebert, Emerson
Discontinued Products by Liebert, Emerson