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 Great Lakes Wall Mount Racks 
Great Lakes Wall Mount RacksHeightDepthFeatures
Great Lakes WE Series Wall Mount Racks10U20.5"Server side mount wall mount cabinet
Great Lakes WM Series Wall Mount Racks12U, 19U, & 25U24.5"Center swing-out, simple finger "push-pull" type catch
Great Lakes WD Series Wall Mount Racks11U, 18U, & 25U32"Allows removal of the rear section for easy installation
Great Lakes NEMA 12 Wall Mount Racks12U, 19U, & 26U24"Front and rear sections lock independently
Great Lakes Wall Mount Swing Racks12U, 19U, & 26U18" & 24"Swings open left or right - no sides
Great Lakes Wall Rack Mount Boxes2U & 4U21.63"Center swing-out - 19" EIA 310-D compliant; optional casters