Fingerprint Access Control System

Fingerprint Access Control System

  • Biometric fingerprint reader with durable and highly accurate optical sensor.
  • Selectable 26-bit or 34-bit Wiegand data input and output.
  • Audio-visual indicators for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingerprints.
  • Stores up to 600 fingerprint templates and 15,000 transactions.
  • Built-in serial, USB, and Ethernet ports for RS232/RS485, USB Host, and TCP/IP communication.
  • IP65 rated.


NTI E-FACS - Click to enlarge

Price: $255.00
NOW: $234.48
Save: $20.52

Question: I would like to receive the technical specifications. how does it work on programming side? Here are my needs, on presentation of a finger in the reader it takes the borrows in memory, it closes a contact of relay. Subsequently upon presentation of the borrows again he recognizes the borrows and opens the contact relay.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Here are links to all of the available material for this device: