2-Compartment 42U Colocation Rack - Colo Cabinet 32" Deep

If you are interested in this server rack, please contact a Sales Representative at 1-866-722-5776.

External Dimensions: 23" W x 83" H x 32" D
Internal Compartment Dimensions: 19" W x 36" H x 30.25" D
Number of Compartments: 2
Rack Units in Each Compartment: 21U

Our 2-Compartment Colo Rack Cabinets, come standard with (2) Independent Plexi Front Doors and (2) Independent Rear Doors with 235 CFM Fans each front & rear pair with uniquely keyed locks, solid non-removable Top Panel with Cable Access hole, (2) pair of EIA 10-32 Tapped Mounting Rails per compartment, solid Side Panels, and Secure Cable Access between compartments. Each compartment is configured to be compatible with most network equipment. For some servers you may need to consider our Universal Mounting Rail Options.

COLO-CABINET-232 2-Compartment 42U Colocation Rack - Colo Cabinet<br>19 Inch Network Equipment Rack Mount Enclosure 32" Deep - Click to enlarge