Server Technology Red C13 Plug Shield (AGTNPSC13RED)

Server Technology C13 Plug Shield Remover (AGTNRTC1319)
Server Technology C13 Plug Shield Remover (AGTNRTC1319)
Remove C13 Plug Shield

The Server Technology AGTNPSC13RED has been discontinued.  For replacement options, please contact us for more information.

The Server Technology AGTNPSC13RED is a bright red C13 Plug Shield lockout tool for unused C13 Outlets. The Plug Shield is inserted into an unused C13 outlet and effectively blocks any plug connections. The plug requires the Agitan Removal Tool to remove it from the outlet. This plug shield allows for a secure way to prevent unauthorized access to critical power circuits without complexity. The bright red color provides as a visual indication that authorization is required to connect equipment, and facilitates audits of unused outlets. Please see the list of accessories below to purchase the removal tool seperately.

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