Great Lakes Pair of M6 mounting rails

The Great Lakes 8405-ES2P is an extra pair of 19" or 23" EIA mounting rails, with M6 cage nuts, for 84"H server rack enclosure frames.
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Great Lakes

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Great Lakes #10-32 Mounting Rails - 44U - 19" or 23" EIA
Great Lakes #10-32 Mounting Rails - 44U - 19" or 23" EIA
Pair of EIA Mounting Rails for 84"H enclosures; 19" or 23" mounting

Question: Is it possible to get the complete dimensions on the M-6 mounting rails, including the holes drilled for attaching the rail to the cabinet. I have cabinets of an unknown brand with rails that are tapped holes I am looking to replace and these appear correct, but I need a full spec. sheet on dimensions
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Please see the following URL for a dimensional drawing in PDF format: