Kendall Howard 6U Fixed Wallmount Cabinet (3140-3-001-06)

The Kendall Howard LINIER 3140-3-001-06 is a 6U Fixed Wall Mount Rack. Mounting in just minutes, this fixed wall rack has a tempered glass door and removable locking side panels. Included with this rack is one set of fully adjustable cage-nut style rails and removable top and bottom cable slot panels, allowing easy installation of CAT5 or fiber optic cables.


  • 1 set of adjustable mounting rails
  • Removable locking side panels
  • Cage nut style mounting rails
  • 2 removable cable slot panels
  • Tempered safety glass door
  • Locking door
  • EIA compliant
  • 1-year Warranty

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Kendall Howard

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Rack Units6U

Wall Mount Rack Sideview with Side Panel Removed
Wall Mount Rack Side View with Side Panel Removed


External Dimensions 
Height 15 in. (381 mm.)
Width 23.75 in. (603.25 mm.)
Depth23 in. (584.2 mm.)
Internal Dimensions 
Height10.5 in. (266.7 mm.)
Width19 in. (482.6 mm.)
Depth20.5 in (520.7 mm.) max.


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