Kendall Howard 18U Swing-Out Wallmount Cabinet (3130-3-001-18)

The Kendall Howard LINIER 3130-3-001-18 is a 18U Swing-Out Wallmount Cabinet which allows easy access to all four sides of installed equipment. When installing and terminating network cables, swing-out cabinets make it easier.

The LINIER Swing-out Wallmount Cabinets swing-out 90 degrees from the wall and have removable locking side panels giving easy access to all four sides of the cabinet. Locks keep equipment secure. The four removable cable slot panels make managing cables simple. When heat is an issue, simply install the optional fan kit (sold separately).


  • 1 set of adjustable mounting rails
  • Removable locking side panels
  • Cage nut style mounting rails
  • 2 removable cable slot panels
  • Tempered safety glass door
  • Locking door
  • EIA compliant
  • 1-year Warranty

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Kendall Howard

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Rack Units18U
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Side View of Swing-out Wall Mount Cabinet with Side Panel Removed
Side View of Swing-out Wall Mount Cabinet with Side Panel Removed


External Dimensions 
Height 35.75 in. (908.05 mm.)
Width 23.75 in. (603.25 mm.)
Depth27 in. (685.8 mm.)
Internal Dimensions 
Height31.5 in. (800.1 mm.)
Width19 in. (482.6 mm.)
Depth21.5 in (546.1 mm.) max.
Weight80 lbs. (36 kg.)

3130-3-001-18 Accessories

Question: What is the distance between the front and rear rails? Is this big enough for a standard 2U Dell server?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. According to the manufacturer, the mounting depth on this rack is 22.5 inches with an overall depth of 25.99 inches. It comes with one pair of adjustable mounting rails that can adjust in 1 inch increments. Additional rails are available for equipment that requires 4-point mounting. We have uploaded the dimensional drawings for this rack for your convenience.