Knurr Split Perforated Door, Black (010200043)

The Liebert 010200043 is a pair of 42U 24" Single Perforated Door for Knurr miracel server racks.


  • (2) Doors
  • Mounting material
Liebert Knurr 10200043


Price: $527.00
NOW: $442.00
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Liebert 010200043 Specifications:

Approximate Dimensions 79"H x 24"D
Exact Dimensions 2000 mm H x 600 mm D
U 42U
Style Single Perforated
Color Liebert ZP-0350 Black
Material Sheet steel, 1.0 mm
Finish Powder-coated texture
Volume flow A large surface perforation (83% free surface) enables optimum airflow through the rack

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