84"H Expandable Filler Panel - 14.5" to 24"W

  • Expandable from 14.5 in to 24 in wide
  • 84" tall - 48RMU
  • Semi-gloss black
  • Fill gaps from missing racks in the data center
  • Installed with magnetic seals. No drilling or mechanical fasteners needed. Optional mounting - Hook-n-Loop Fastener or two-sided adhesive tape in lieu of the magnetic strip.
  • Individual panels can be joined together to fit larger gaps.
  • Panels of aluminumskinned composite are Class 1 fire rated.

Use AirBlock EFP (expandable filler panels) to increase energy efficiency by allowing data center managers to quickly seal off spaces created by removing racks, as well as spaces between racks and support columns or other equipment.

The panels are designed for quick installation to fill in for missing or removed racks in the data center. They can be used as a temporary solution, or on a long-term basis. Panels can also be used to fill in space between racks and power units, building support columns or other equipment in the data center.

AirBlock EFP-1424 - Click to enlarge

AirBlock Expandable Filler Panel Application Diagram

AirBlock Expandable Filler Panel - Materials

AirBlock Expandable Filler Panel - Adjustement