Fail-Safe Transfer Switch CW-16HF1, Switched, (16) 5-20R Outlets, 20A 100-120V

Please note, the ServerTech CW-16HF1A452 has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

Server Technology CW-16HF1B452 Switched ATS Specifications:

  • Input Connector - (2) IEC C20 Power Inlets (cords ordered separately)
  • Current Rating - 20A
  • Input Voltage Rating - 100-120 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Outlets - (16) NEMA 5-20R


  • Type - Switched (Networked) with outlet ON/OFF/Reboot control
  • Input Current Monitoring - Yes
  • Form Factor - 2U, Horizontal Mount (Brackets Included)
  • Branch Circuit Protection - User-resettable breakers
  • Input Current LEDs - One per input feed
  • Expansion Unit to Share One IP Address - Yes
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensors - Up to 2 (P/N EMTH-1-1)
  • Phase Synchronization Required? - Yes
ServerTech CW-16HF1A452 - Click to enlarge

Server Technology

Dimensions2U (3.5"H) x 17.2"W x 10"D

The Sentry CW-16HF1 provides fail-over redundancy to single or dual-power supply servers and network devices. Exclusive to the Sentry Switched Fail-Safe family is its ability to carry loads on the A circuit, B circuit or both and to remotely manage the outlets.

Similar, but unlike a common automatic transfer switch, the Sentry Switched Fail-Safe unit is unique in that it contains two (2) in-feeds with two (2) banks of eight (8) outlets each, for a total of 16 outlets across the two circuits.

The "A" infeed routinely powers just the A1-8 outlets, and the "B" in-feed routinely powers just the B1-8 outlets. However, if the "A" infeed goes down, the "B" infeed powers all 16 outlets and if the B infeed goes down , the A infeed powers all the outlets.

This "Fail-Safe" method has several advantages compared to a standard ATS because it does not prohibit load balancing between the two supplied circuits. A standard ATS contains two in-feeds, but runs all outlets from just one source, with the secondary source only being used once an outage occurs on the primary infeed. The "Fail-Safe" method differs in that both circuits are routinely loaded, but only to half capacity. This results in less heat and consequently less of a voltage drop compared to the same load existing on just one source. Only when an outage occurs on one of the two sources will the entire load be applied to a single source.

Key Features:

Fuses - Icon

Outlet Switching and Grouping
Individual or group outlet remote power control to cycle power and reboot any selected server(s) or other network device(s). Power-up Sequencing of outlets prevents a power in-rush overload - User adjustable sequence interval. Group individual outlets for control of dual-power supply servers and devices with a single command.

Environmental Monitoring - Icon

Environmental Monitoring
The Switched CDU supports (2) external probes - each of these probes measure both temperature and humidity. Add an Environmental Monitor Control Unit (item EMCU-1-1B) to obtain real-time measurements of environmental conditions in the data center cabinet. EMCU-1-1B add-on requires no external power source and adds support for 2 more Temperature & Humidity probes and monitoring for 4 external contact-closures and 1 water sensor. Receive SNMP-based alert notifications when conditions exceed thresholds.

Communications - Icon

IP Access, Security & Communications
Use TCP/IP (HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, SNMP) or RS-232 to communicate with each Sentry Cabinet PDU and rectify locked-up network devices. Use the Sentry Web interface to configure each unit, including network settings, outlet naming & grouping, SNMP traps for environmental & power thresholds and firmware updates. Also use the Web interface to control individual or group outlets and monitor key values, including amperage load(s), temperature/humidity and other environmental conditions. SSL security provides a secure HTTPs connection. The sentry family of products also supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Version 3 including LDAPS (LDAP over TSL/SSL).

  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • SSLv3/TLSv1
  • SNMPv2
  • SSHv2
  • Telnet
  • RS-232 (Serial)

Input Current Monitoring
Power monitoring of the aggregate load (in amps) on each power circuit via the network interface and locally on the enclosure. Individual input current monitoring ("Load Sense") provides real-time power measurement of the load in amps on each power inlet, accessible via firmware interface. Exclusive Digital True RMS current monitoring is critical to preventing overloads in high-density computing environments. LED digital display on the CDU enclosure report the input current of the branch circuit.

Expansion Tower PDU
Connect an Expansion Cabinet ATS (CX) to any Switched Cabinet ATS (CW) to control 4 power input circuits and manage outlets (individual or groups) under 1 IP address - our exclusive strategy for managing dual power-supply servers.

Agency Approvals

  • cTUVus UL 60950-1-2003
  • CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950-1:2003
  • EMC-EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024
  • FCC Class A, Part 15

Branch Circuit Protection

  • Compliant to UL 60905-1


  • 2 Years