Rittal Split Rear Door Fan 115V, 210cfm for 28"W cabinet

The Rittal 9969941 split rear door fan includes two 115V fans, and one 10' NEMA 5-15 power cord. The unit pulls hot air from the rear of your 28"W enclosure and exhausts the heat to the hot aisle, reducing temperature at the rack level and improving the overall performance of your server rack equipment. Rittal's split rear door fans take advantage of the front to rear airflow of most servers and allows the user to position the fan assembly in the most critical location within the server cabinet. Two high pressure fans, 105CFM each, versatile rear mounting, and a shallow depth chassis design provide the ability to exhaust air at a dramatically higher rate than a traditional roof mount fan tray.
Rittal 9969941 - Click to enlarge

Height11.4 in. (290 mm.)
Width10.2 in. (261 mm.)
Depth1.7 in. (44 mm.)
Input15.5Watts@50Hz, 14.5Watts@60Hz
AC Rating Volts115V
AC Rating Amps..25Amp@50Hz, .21Amp@60Hz
Speed2600 RPM @50Hz, 2900 RPM @60Hz

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