Rittal 12U NEMA Wall Mount Rack

If you are interested in this type of wall mount rack, please see our Wallmount Server Rack page for other options or call 1-866-722-5776 for assistance.

The Rittal 12U EL NEMA Wallmount Enclosure is an ideal solution for a simple wall installation, while still assuring only authorized entry.

The Rittal 12U wallmount network enclosure offer stability, accessibility and security to the networking specialist.  It is ideal for small networks or floor distribution in environments that require a high degree of security and a high industrial protection rating.

12U Wallmount Enclosure Specifications:

  • Rear housing with removable top and bottom covers
  • Two vertical system bars
  • Cable collecting rail
  • Center swing frame with lock and two adjustable 19" rails
  • Front viewing door with locking mini comfort handle
  • NEMA 12 protection

12U Wallmount Environments:

  • NEMA 12 environments
  • Smaller networkds
  • Remote models
  • Climate consideration
  • Offices or factory environments
Rittal 12U NEMA Wall Mount Rack

Question: what is the Rittal part number ?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The part number for this discontinued Rittal 12U NEMA rack is 9969580