Room Air Controller - Ceiling / Wallmount - 11,000 CFM

The RAC10 system evacuates heat load from the small space and sends it to the outside corridor or ceiling plenum return. Maintain a perfectly controlled environment for your small computer and network rooms using building air, while providing the needed visibility to cooling capacity and environment information and alarms. Email alerts and the web interface provide remote alarms and management for superior visibility and control of the room environment.

  • Continually deliver cool air to your IT equipment.
  • Real-time plus historical cooling capacity and environment monitoring.
  • Early alarm notification to email account/s through a secure Ethernet connection - On-board Temperature Sensor
  • Allow multiple email or SNMP trap recipients, with escalation.
  • Quickly deploy into ceiling or attach to wall in minutes. Web browse to device, set-up email and/or communicate with existing management software.
  • Add up to 4 climate and power sensors for a comprehensive solution to maximizing efficiency and preventing climate and power related downtime.

RAC10 Specifications:

  • Airflow: 1100 CFM Maximum
  • Environmental Monitoring: Ethernet remote access and alarms, up to four RJ12 Temperature sensors with 20 FT cords (two included)
  • Regulation: Temperature based, range: 60 to 120F
  • Physical: 23.75 L x 14.00 W x 3.52 H
  • Network: HTTP / HTTPS / SNMP / DHCP
  • Regulatory: UL, cUL 507, FCC Part 15 Class A
  • Warranty 2 Years
RAC10 - Click to enlarge

Dimensions23.75 L x 14.00 W x 3.52 H

Ceiling Mount
To install the RAC10 in a drop ceiling, 16 gauge hanger wire must be used to support the unit. Attach the hanger wires to the four eyelets on the back side of the RAC10. Place the RAC10 across the ceiling grid using the hanger wire to support the weight. Plug the RAC10 into the power receptacle, which is required to be outside of the ceiling plenum. Optional Duct Kit can be ordered if required.

RAC10 Ceiling Mount Application

Wall Mount
The dimensions of the RAC10 fan enclosure are 14 1/4” x 21 1/4”. The RAC10 will fi t between the standard 16” center studs. Mounting as close the ceiling as possible will maximize the heat exhausted. Use 2”, #10 wood screws to attach the unit to the wood studs. A power receptacle is required within close proximity to the RAC10.

RAC10 Wall Mount Application

Thermal Control & Monitoring Software

  • With RAC10 unit installed, and temperature sensors located at air entry to space and IT equipment air intake vent, connect to AC power using attached 10FT cord.
  • During start-up the RAC10 system will perform a self check.
  • Access the web interface using the supplied default web address.
  • Adjust factory default settings as desired.
  • Refer to the User Manual for details.

RAC10 Control & Monitoring Software

Download IconRAC10 Manual & Installation Guide (PDF)

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