Kendall Howard 12U Portable Rack (1920-3-000-12A)

Please note, the Kendall Howard 1920-3-000-12A is discontinued. For alternative product options, contact your Server Racks Online sales representative at 1-866-722-5776.

The 12U Portable Rack is durable, lightweight, stackable, and completely portable. You may never again have to worry about running out of rack space. The 12U cabinet is great for small closets and under the desk applications.  This portable rack can be safely stacked with the addition of the Stacking Bracket Kit (sold separately).  The stacking kit includes 2 brackets, one for each side of the cabinet.

Each rack is fitted with interlocking corner guards so when you need more space, simply add on an additional rack. These racks come equipped with spring loaded recessed handles and optional casters are available for maximum portability. (Casters Not Included)

Unlike most similar systems that are contracted from compressed wood products, this rack is made entirely of steel and can hold over 500 lbs. With its expandability, strength, and aesthetic design, this is one racking system you will not out grow.

Dimensions: 21" x 24.31" x 20"

NOTE: This portable rack has rails with universal mounting holes and requires Cage Nuts which are sold separately.

Kendall Howard 1920-3-000-12A - Click to enlarge

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Question: It looks like the shelves under accessories for this rack are cater lever style, does that mean these only have front or rear vertical mounting rails? Are you able to get these portable racks with both front and rear vertical mounting rails?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. These Kendall Howard portable racks do include a set of both front and rear vertical mounting rails. You will have 4 points of contact and are able to mount standard 4 point shelving as well as cantilever shelves. These enclosure have 20 inches of useable mounting depth.

Question: How deep is this rack? I am looking to install 3 servers plus a SAN into it.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This unit has an external width of approximately 21.3 inches and a mounting depth of 20 inches. Unfortunately, this unit has been discontinued and is no longer available. We have updated our website accordingly.