Belkin Wall Mount Swing-Away Relay Rack, 36"H

The Belkin F4D147 is a 19" Wall Mount Swing-Away Relay Rack which swings open to give you easy access to your components. Easy installation and ideal for space limited environments.

Dimensions: 36"H x 18"D


  • Wall mount racks for areas where floor space is limited.
  • Top and bottom cable access holes for the flexibility you need.
  • Reversible door for added versatility in small rooms.
  • Swing-away design makes installation easy.
  • Full Belkin lifetime warranty.
  • Mounting rails tapped #10-32 on EIA standards.
  • Fully compatible with TIA 19" rack mount standards.
Belkin F4D147 - Click to enlarge


Question: Do they make a tray that can be installed in this rack?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This is a standard 19 inch racking system and should work with any shelf that is compatible with the TIA 19" rack mount standard. You can find a large listing of various compatible shelves here: