Under Carpet Leak Detector - 10'

Under Carpet Leak Detector

  • 10ft Length
  • Use to detect conductive fluids and moisture under carpets.
  • 100% waterproof electronics.
  • Dimensions WxH: 1.75x0.06" (44.45x1.59 mm).
  • 2-wire plenum cable.
  • Regulatory approvals: RoHS.

Formerly the NTI ENVIROMUX-UCLD-10.

NTI E-UCLD-10 - Click to enlarge

Question: what does this connect to?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The NTI ENVIROMUX-UCLD-10 Under Carpet Leak Detector is compatible with the ENVIROMUX-2D, ENVIROMUX-5D and ENVIROMUX-16D environmental, monitoring systems.