Wire Management Panel (34-207000)

This 2U, 19" Rackmount Cable Management Panel has 5 cable guides and is designed to organize multiple cable paths on racks or in cabinets. Both 10-32 and 12-24 mounting screw kits are included enabling it to be mounted on either thread pattern.


  • 2U horizontal mounting
  • Each vertical section, available up to 6' in length is individually packaged
  • 5 Ring Panel provides organization for a bundle of up to 200 cables
  • Both 10-32 & 12-24 Phillips screws are included with protective washers
Rackmount Cable Management Bars: Wire Management Panel (34-207000) - Click to enlarge

Price: $21.89
NOW: $20.33
Save: $1.56


Height 3.5 in. (8.9 cm.)
Width 19.25 in. (48.90 cm.)
Depth 8 in. (20 cm.)
Rack Units 2U
Cable Capacity 200 (Based on average cable diameter or 0.225")
Material CSR Steel
Finish Satin Black